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"Cube type" The first of the industry
Anyone can easily use, just pop it out and put it in!

"Meiji EZcube" is a cube-shaped powder milk which contains absolutely no additives to make it solid. Since it is a pre-measured cube, you can easily and accurately prepare milk.

There is no need to use spoon,
so you don't have to worry about measuring!

No need to measure with a spoon, just pop it out of the bag. It will not spill or scatter.

Immediately know how many cubes you put in at a glance!
Anyone can easily make it.

Anyone can easily and accurately make milk because you can see at a glance how many cubes you put in. You can prepare the right amount of milk even when you are busy or in a hurry.

It can be stored for a long time with individual package!
It is also convenient for making stock.

Since it is individually wrapped, it can be stored for a long time if it is unopened. It is also recommended as a stockpile in case of emergency.

Easy to carry and hygienic!

As it is wrapped with individual package, it is convenient and you can carry as much as you need! Also, since you can just pop it directly from the bag, you can prepare milk hygienically on the go.

Easy to dissolve!

It can dissolve quickly in hot water, without any remaining milk residue.

"Meiji GU FORMULA GOLD EZcube 3" is a milk product which is full of various nutrients

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